Digital solutions by digital natives

Chiron Services was founded with the goal of supporting businesses in their digital transformation. Our focus lies on process automation, aimed at minimizing manual tasks through the use of software.

With an interdisciplinary team of data scientists, software developers, full-stack web developers, and business analysts, Chiron Services has built a skill set that is unique in the market. By combining the latest academic knowledge and proven industry methods, we support clients from various sectors in their digitalization. Our internationally positioned team, consisting of highly qualified specialists from the best European universities, provides the necessary expertise.

Our mission is to generate added value for our clients. To achieve this, we first evaluate the return on investment generated by the implementation of digital solutions.


Fredi holds a master in marketing and strategic management and is responsible for the company’s strategy and implementation. He is a true digital native who founded his first startup at just 16 years old. With a passion for innovation and value creation, Fredi brings his experience as a entrepreneur to our data science and software startup.

Frederik Wetzel


Curios about technological advancements and equipped with a Computer Science degree, Magnus is responsible for the technical aspects of the company’s strategy and implementations. Having worked on several research projects in the past, he understands to balance innovation and precision in order to contribute solutions of the highest quality.

Magnus Wuttke


Santiago holds a Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance and has extensive experience in data science. Currently pursuing a PhD, he is responsible for identifying new business opportunities and supporting development in our startup. His past experience includes working as an AI specialist at UBS. With a strong interest in innovation and value creation Santiago brings valuable insights to our startup.

Santiago Walliser


Paloma has a Bachelor's in Business and Economics from the University of Basel. She is involved in various projects of the company, including the development of marketing concepts and accounting procedures. With a passion for the intersection of data and psychological analysis applied to business applications she brings valuable ideas in the development of marketing strategies.

Paloma Walliser


Cédric studied computer science at ETH and enjoys writing software since more than 10 years. He co-founded the European Girls' Olympiad in Informatics, to enable young women to discover their interest in computer science. At Chiron Services, he is responsible for the development of modern user-friendly Web Apps.

Cedric Neukom

Software Engineering

Mikail is a data and computer science master's student who manages the cloud infrastructure, system architecture and data scraping.With a strategic mindset, he approaches every task with a long-term perspective and aims for future impact.In his free time, Mikail contributes to open-source projects to support the community.

Mikail Cayoglu

Software Engineering

With a mathematical background, Patrick holds a Bachelor degree from University of Cambridge and a Master degree in Quantitative Finance from ETH and University of Zurich. With his unique background, Patrick is able to apply statistical and computational techniques to analyze complex problems, identify patterns and trends, and make data-driven decisions with precision and accuracy.

Patrick Lucescu

Data Science

Daniel has a master in mechanical engineering from Imperial College London and a master in data science from ETH. At Chiron Services, he extracts meaningful insights from data using data science solutions in NLP, healthcare, and beyond. Speaking four languages (and a half!) Daniel is a passionate communicator of technology and flourishes in interdisciplinary environments.

Daniel Garellick

Data Science

Samira has several years of experience as a brand and corporate designer and is currently completing her bachelor's degree in scenography. She is responsible for creating various design elements and giving Chiron its appealing look. Having had the opportunity to work on many different projects, she covers a wide range of requirements in both two and three dimensional spaces.

Samira Stolpe

Graphic & Design