Anyone involved in AI knows that it will be ubiquitous in the future, whether in cell phones, cars or software such as ChatGPT. But to train learning systems, you need gigantic amounts of data. Often the data is already available in public databases, but accessing and selecting specific data in sufficient quantities is often a major challenge. This is where DataDJ comes in.

In collaboration with ETH Library, we have developed a system that helps researchers and institutions select and access data more easily than ever before. DataDJ is a decentralized network that allows database administrators and owners to make their data accessible through the network. A user-friendly interface, allows users to search for data and request it easily - similar to shopping in online stores. At the end, the user receives an email with a download link to download the requested data.

Currently, the DataDJ still has prototype status, but it is being further developed and new functionalities are being added. If you have any questions about DataDJ, its use or are interested in participating in its development, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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Would you like to learn more about DataDJ? Contact our productowner:

Magnus Wuttke

078 264 34 97