Welcome to LinkMed - the first platform for healthcare organizations to maintain and enhance physician master data in an automated and sustainable way. Our intelligent mapping solution uses public data sources and e-health platforms in the Swiss healthcare sector to provide you with sustainable and automated maintenance of your master data.

We reduce manual work by using artificial intelligence and save you tedious searches for address information from the web.

Are you looking for current data of your referring physicians? Or do you gather this data manually from the web? Do you have gaps in your physician master data? Are you missing mails, specialist titles or addresses? Then you have come to the right place!

LinkMed allows you to add and complete your physician master data at the touch of a button. LinkMed automatically updates your physician master data with monthly updates of all contact-relevant information. On our platform you can see potential referring physicians, based on your regional coverage of referring physicians relevant to you. Our platform always identifies the most up-to-date addresses of physicians as well as their activity status. In addition, we offer you a direct download of your own segmentations via our user-friendly platform for marketing activities, for example address data for continuing education events. LinkMed is your digital assistant that takes care of master data maintenance for you forever!

The importance of up-to-date physician master data in referral management.

A high-quality address database offers a number of benefits. Accuracy and timeliness of data are critical to ensuring that your referral marketing is effective and contacts can be successfully made. A comprehensive address database is also important for establishing key relationships and developing new business opportunities. Our address database is easily accessible and can be searched and filtered to quickly find relevant contacts. At the same time, we attach great importance to data protection and always adhere to the applicable data protection guidelines.

Creating a win-win situation between providers and referrers is our primary goal in referral management. Let LinkMed help you keep your master data up to date and build a successful relationship with your referring physicians.

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