AI Consulting

Our AI consulting services include identifying business areas where AI can be most effectively applied and selecting the most suitable AI technologies. We support you from the concept development of AI strategies to the implementation and integration of AI solutions and the training of employees to ensure they can fully exploit the benefits of AI.

Our goal is to help you harness the benefits of AI to optimize and scale your business.

Understanding AI

What tools are available? How do you use them?

AI Consequences

What are the impacts on my business model?

AI Integration

How can AI be integrated?

Use Case - Categorization Tool

Automatic categorization and tagging of product photos

Our team had the opportunity to work with a large online retailer who wanted to automatically categorize and tag their product photos to improve search and navigation on their website.

We worked closely with the company to understand their needs and requirements and develop a tailor-made solution. Our solution was based on advanced image recognition algorithms and deep learning models capable of automatically classifying and tagging images based on features and patterns.

To ensure the solution was accurate and reliable, we integrated it into the company's existing infrastructure and trained the model. We also provided training for the company's employees to ensure they could fully benefit from the solution.

The result was an effective and reliable solution that helped the online retailer automatically categorize and tag their product photos, enabling improved search and navigation on their website. Our customized solution helped the company save time and resources by eliminating the need for manual categorization and tagging of product photos.

At a Glance

Automatic categorization
Resource conservation
Increased efficiency


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