Data Extraction


The transformation of unstructured data into structured data is an important step in the digitalization of businesses. At Chiron Services, we provide professional data extraction services to help you convert unstructured data such as texts, emails, invoices, and more into structured information.

We can help you identify important information like keywords, entities, topics, and more to gain a better understanding of your data and optimize your business processes.

Text Extraction

From unstructured data

Sentiment Analysis

For analyzing opinions and news

Internal Extraction

For example, from forms and administrative programs

Use Case - Customer Feedback Analysis

Analysis of customer reviews to optimize business processes

Objective: The client wants to better understand their customers' needs and desires and optimize their business processes accordingly. To achieve this, several thousand customer reviews from the client's website and database are to be analyzed.

Approach: Using natural language processing technology, key themes and sentiments are identified from customer reviews. Various analysis methods such as sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and named-entity recognition are employed. Data is retrieved directly from the client's website and database for further processing.

Results: Through the analysis of customer reviews, the client gained valuable insights into their customers' needs and desires. The optimization of business processes led to higher customer satisfaction and an increase in sales figures.

At a Glance

Rapid information acquisition
Automated feedback analysis
Continuous Integration of needs


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