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Often, data is unstructured and unclean, meaning it cannot be used in its raw form. At Chiron Services, we offer professional data cleaning and standardization services to ensure your data is clean and usable.

We can help you standardize and merge data from various sources to create uniform datasets that enable better analysis and processing.


Organizing data


Unifying data


Filtering out unnecessary data

Use Case - National Data Stream

Project name: UniDB

For three university hospitals, we conducted the UniDB project, a feasibility study for creating a shared, linked database. We began by analyzing the various databases within each university hospital and attempted to link them together. Following this, we focused on merging the databases of the three university hospitals into a single, shared database. During implementation, we worked closely with the IT departments of the involved university hospitals, being on-site and working under strict NDA agreements.

The databases contained extremely extensive and sensitive information, which led to very stringent confidentiality rules. Our work, therefore, required a high level of professionalism and accuracy to ensure all data was handled carefully and our clients' requirements were met. We also considered the anonymization of observations in the concept to ensure all data protection regulations were adhered to.

The concept we developed provided clear guidelines and methods to ensure the data was ready for effective analysis and processing. This concept enabled a successful linkage of the databases and formed a solid foundation for further proceedings.

At a Glance

Centralization of databases
Location-independent data analysis
Foundation for utilizing Big Data Analytics


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