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Customized software solutions have become essential for businesses to simplify and streamline their workflows and processes. At Chiron Services, we offer you professional software development services to help you optimize your business processes and achieve your business goals.

We understand that each company has different requirements and we specialize in developing tailor-made solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients.

Concept Creation

Planning the software


Implementation of concepts

Integration and Connection

To existing systems

Use Case - Building a Web Platform

Converting Excel Solution into a user-friendly web platform

Our client had developed a complex Microsoft Excel solution over several years, which had become increasingly complicated, dispersed, and difficult to navigate. Data was stored and maintained in different and decentralized Excel documents. The problem was that the data was not synchronized between the various documents, and there was no centralized storage of the data.

Our goal was to centralize the data and ensure that all users were always up to date with the latest information. We worked closely with our client to ensure that the new web platform met the client's specific requirements and made all relevant data centrally accessible. With our expertise in database and software development, we were also able to develop a comprehensive dashboard that is regularly used in important client meetings and decision-making processes.

The result was a user-friendly web platform that enabled our client to replace their complex Excel solutions with a modern and effective solution. With this solution, our client was able to improve their workflows and use their data more effectively to make informed decisions. Our customized software solution allowed our client to save time and resources while increasing efficiency in their business operations.

At a Glance

Centralized data storage
Effective decision-making
Increased efficiency


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